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Chapter Officer Position Descriptions

Chapter ChairThe Chapter Chair will have the general charge and supervision of the activities of the chapter.

It is the responsibility of the Chapter Chair to:

A. Appoint committee chairs of other committees immediately after assuming office as follows:

1. Appoint one member to be Program Committee Chair.

2. Appoint one member to be Membership Committee Chair. This appointee in turn is responsible for chapter membership promotion and handling inquiries concerning membership.

3. Appoint one member to be Finance Committee Chair.

4. Appoint other committee chairs as deemed appropriate.

B. Preside at all meetings. In his/her absence, the Vice Chair shall preside. If neither is present, those members present may designate another officer or member to preside at the meeting.

C. Designate the time, place, and agenda of all meetings. The agenda should include, in addition to matters that pertain to the affairs of the local chapter, the reading and discussion of ASIS matters submitted by the headquarters office.

D. Verify the Secretary submits the required reports in a timely manner. Ensure RVP receives these reports.

E. Appoint a Chapter Finance Committee to oversee, review and guide the accounting practices and records of the chapter. The committee will:

1. Assist the Treasurer and chapter officers in the establishment of accounting policies and internal controls.

2. Periodically review compliance of chapter accounting policies and internal controls.

3. Ensure the chapter issues financial statement and reports in a timely manner and that proper records are maintained.

4. Review records of cash receipts and disbursements at least every six months.

5. Perform an annual financial review at the end of each calendar year.

Vice ChairThe Vice Chair may be delegated by the Chair to perform duties in the event of his/her temporary disability or absence from meetings, and the assist the Chair in such other ways as he/she may designate or request.

A. Preside over all chapter meetings, functions and events when the chapter chair is not in attendance.

B. Assist the chair in ensuring compliance with ASIS chapter activity and financial reporting requirements.

C. Assist the chair with appointment of chapter committee chairs. 

SecretaryThe Secretary will be responsible for documenting the votes and minutes of all proceedings. The Secretary will distribute notices of all chapter meetings.

It is the responsibility of the Secretary to:

A. Keep the minutes of all chapter leadership, committee and special meetings.

B. Maintain all official chapter records, including newsletters, and other official correspondence.

C. Complete and promptly submit monthly reports to the designated recipients.

D. Promptly notify ASIS Headquarters of results of the annual election.

E. Ensure all necessary correspondence representing the chapter is handled in a timely manner.

F. Perform other duties as the office may require.

TreasurerThe Treasurer will oversee the financial affairs of the chapter. In the absence of the Treasurer from any meeting of the chapter, the duties of that office will be performed by the Chair orhis/her designee.

It is the responsibility of the Chapter Treasurer to:

A. Maintain chapter financial records and submit financial reports.

B. Safeguard chapter receipts and ensure prompt deposits are made with bank.

C. Disburse funds as approved by chapter officers.

D. Work with chapter officers and other members to develop annual budget and support business plan.

E. Manage banking relationship and ensure monthly reconciliation of bank account.

F. Oversee annual regulatory and tax filings.  

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